An electronic mailing list is a collection of email addresses which receive one and the same email message simultaneously. When you send an email to the mailing list address, your message will be forwarded to all the email addresses on that mailing list automatically, but none of the receivers will know who the other recipients are. Generally, people have to subscribe to a mailing list, but occasionally email addresses are included manually without their owners’ approval. Depending on the concrete mailing list management software, you may also be able to include new subscribers, so users will not be able to join a mailing list unless you authorize their request. The mailing list option is quite useful in case you would like to send regular newsletters or some other sort of regular publications to clients, considering that you’ll need to send out just a single e-mail message and all of the subscribers will receive it immediately. As a result, you won’t have to type in plenty of mailboxes manually.
Mailing Lists in Cloud Hosting
If you make use of any of our Linux cloud hosting and our email services in particular, you will be able to set up an electronic mailing list without effort or even have multiple mailing lists, if you wish to reach different types of people and to send them different info. With only several mouse clicks in the Email Manager section of your Hepsia Control Panel, you can choose the mailbox which the email messages will be sent from, as well as the admin email address and password that you’ll use to administer various settings. We use Majordomo, one of the most popular mailing list management software programs out there, which will enable you to add/delete users and to configure quite a lot of settings concerning the subscribers and the content they get.
Mailing Lists in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Each semi-dedicated server that we offer will enable you to create as many mailing lists as you wish. It will take just several clicks to set up a brand new mailing list from the Email Manager section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which comes with the semi-dedicated hosting packages. You will just need to set up a new email address – for instance,, where you’ll send your newsletters and set this email address to be the one associated with your mailing list, so all newsletters sent to it will be forwarded automatically to all your mailing list subscribers. You can also choose an administrative username and password that will enable you to manage different settings for each list. The popular Majordomo software that we take advantage of is fully featured and you can effortlessly include, delete or authorize members, see the list of all existing subscribers, etc. In case you do not want a particular mailing list any longer, you can delete it with one mouse click.